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Jun 2021

My Life ‘My Heart is Broken’ Part 3

Part three of the draw my life series. 

Jun 2021
Jun 2021

My Life ‘Becoming The Honest Vocal Coach’ Part 1

The first of 3, my life style podcasts. Made for Youtube Draw my life, changed for just listening. This is part 1, becoming the Honest Vocal Coach.

Jun 2021

In conversation with…Emily Gray (Singer Songwriter & Winner of the HVC Singing Competition 2021)

This week's episode includes great chat with Emily Gray, Singer Songwriter and Winner of this years Honest Vocal Coach Singing Competition.

She offers advice, and tells us about her journey.

Jun 2021

In conversation with…. Luke White (Singer Songwriter & Eurovision Youtuber)

In this weeks episode I talk to Luke White - Singer Songwriter & Youtuber. 

He offers some great advice on what to do and what not to do having learnt from experience. Luke on YouTube:


Jun 2021

In conversation with…. ‘Raymond Salgado’ Singer Songwriter - What was it like meeting Demi Lovato?

This week's in coversation with is with the very talented singer songwriter Raymond Salgado. He recently was lucky enough to meet Demi Lovato after they heard his singing, of one of their songs. 


This is an interesting insight into what being a singer, promoting yourself online can be like.

A new podcast every week. There are also video versions of this podcast on the Honest Vocal Coach Youtube. 


May 2021

In Conversation With…. Alex Jemphrey ‘Musical Theatre Performer & Youtuber’

Another discussion in the series discussing what its like as a singer, presenting yourself on social media. The positives & negatives, plus advice on what to avoid. 

This weeks guest is Alex Jemprey: Alex Jemphrey is a classically trained singer, currently studying for his LCM musical theatre diploma. He is in his second year of his bachelor of music degree at a top UK university- focusing on musical theatre and classical performance. He has performed leading roles in musicals, including the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz and Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream coat.

May 2021

In Conversation With…. Michael Hardwick ‘Singer & Instagram Influencer”

Brand new series every Wednesday from the Honest Vocal Coach. Discussing the issues surrounding building and audience on social media as a singer. 

This first episode includes a frank discussion with Michael Hardwick, Singer & Instagram Influencer. What he has learnt and what advice he would give others wanting a career in music, or on social media.

Michael Joseph Hardwick: Raised in Norfolk, with dreams of moving to the big city... Michael is a fashion and lifestyle content creator, having worked with global brands such as Roja Parfums, Nokia, and Braun to name a few. Along with this, he was recently hired as an Influencer Marketing Manager for Agency A, a london-based digital marketing agency, starting in June 2021. Over lockdown, Michael has invested time into his vocals, with plans to record his own music and start a YouTube channel once he’s back in London - you can find his music content over over on Tiktok, where he sings covers from worldwide artists, and old-school tracks.
Find Michael here... Instagram: 



Apr 2021

I thought I was ugly

In response to my 'I think I am ugly' episode. You didn't think so. 

I look at your comments.

Apr 2021

I think I am ugly

This is quite a powerful statement, and I still feel it to this day. Do you agree in pretty privilege? 

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